FCB asbl – Forum Citoyens Burgers is a Belgium-based non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to developing and promoting diversity, active citizenship, inclusion, and sustainability through training and joint activities. Founded in 2019, FCB asbl aims to meet the needs of all citizens who seek to participate in learning activities that strengthen active citizenship and empower individuals on various topics including democracy, sustainability, interculturality / diversity, social and professional inclusion.



Education for Solidarity and Coexistence

At FCB asbl, we believe that education is a powerful tool for fostering solidarity and coexistence.

Our vision of citizen pedagogy is based on three key principles:

  1. Sharpen Critical Thinking: We view training and education as more than just the accumulation of knowledge. It is about developing critical thinking skills that enable individuals to decode and transform the world around them. We encourage learners to question, analyze, and engage critically with the issues that shape society.
  2. The End of Verticality: We advocate for a global approach to education that goes beyond traditional hierarchies. Our aim is to establish new relationships between trainers and learners, moving away from vertical and hierarchical structures. Instead, we promote dialogical relationships where open communication, collaboration, and mutual respect thrive.
  3. Valuing the Learner: At FCB asbl, we recognize the importance of valuing the learner as an active participant in the learning process. We believe in taking into account learners’ knowledge, experiences, and life paths. Teaching and learning are mutually enriching actions, and we understand that effective education cannot exist without acknowledging and valuing the unique perspectives and contributions of each learner.




Promote Diversity and Interculturality: We advocate for the recognition and celebration of diversity in all its forms, fostering intercultural understanding and respect among individuals and communities.
Foster Active Citizenship and Democratic Participation: We encourage individuals to actively engage in civic life, promoting democratic values and empowering citizens to participate in decision-making processes.
Advocate for Social and Professional Inclusion: We work towards creating inclusive societies by promoting equal opportunities, combating discrimination, and supporting the social and professional integration of marginalized groups.
Create Awareness and Promote Sustainability: We raise awareness about environmental challenges and promote sustainable practices to protect our planet for future generations.
Empower Individuals and Communities through Education: We provide comprehensive education and training programs that empower individuals, enabling them to develop critical thinking skills, promote social justice, and contribute positively to society.



• Trainings and development
We provide engaging and interactive training sessions and workshops on various topics related to active citizenship, inclusion, sustainability, and intercultural understanding. Our experienced trainers employ innovative methodologies to ensure effective learning experiences.
• Conferences and Seminars
We organize conferences and seminars that bring together experts, educators, and citizens to discuss pressing issues related to diversity, inclusion, and sustainability. These events foster dialogue, exchange of ideas, and collaboration for positive social change.
• Empowerment Programs
Our specialized programs empower vulnerable adults and youth, including job seekers, women, minorities, those with health issues, the digitally divided, and migrants. We provide mentorship, skills development, and support to enhance their well-being and opportunities.
• Resources and Toolkits
We develop comprehensive educational resources, toolkits, and guides that educators and individuals can utilize to promote diversity, inclusion, and sustainability in their communities. These resources are designed to facilitate interactive learning and inspire action.


Brussels, Belgium

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